Why Their Shutters Are More Affordable

When I first started to price orange county blinds in my area, I was really surprised that one company was less expensive than others. I am not talking by a few dollars either. I was really attracted to the pricing, but I did not want to sacrifice quality just to save some money. I knew that it would be nice in the short term because I would not need to pay nearly as much for the window treatments that I wanted. I also knew that there was the potential that I would be replacing those same window treatments much sooner than I would others that cost more.

I looked over their website, and I quickly saw why they were less expensive. They are not a huge corporation. Rather, they are owned by a family, and they put their customers first, which is one reason why their prices are so affordable. Another reason is because they do not do any advertising. They are able to cut out a good bit of expense that way, because advertising can be quite costly for a small business. Rather than rely on various forms of advertising, they let their product and workmanship speak for itself. In other words, word of mouth is what gets them the majority of their business.

They also make the shutters on site, which cuts out the expense of a middle man in that area as well. Since they handle everything themselves, they are able to pass the savings on to the customers, so it is a win win situation for them as well as their customers. I know that once they installed my own shutters, I was extremely pleased with not only how they look but the entire professionalism of the team, from the designer to the installer, that was involved in every step of the process.