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Some Useful Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Tricks

Though a lot of homeowners take bathrooms for granted because of its sole functional purpose, this should not have to be this way. Just like other rooms in your house, bathrooms are something that you can remodel and personalize. The following are some ways that you can try to give your bathroom a more personalized touch.

Find a countertop that is not just functional but also nice to look at

Has it been a while that you have been thinking of remodeling your entire bathroom? A lot of people do not think that their bathroom countertops are included in their so called bathroom renovation plans. Nonetheless, if you want to change the overall appearance of your bathroom in one simple step, then it is a must that you be able to upgrade your countertop. Avoid choosing the countertop that is colored white because it easily invites dirt. You can actually choose from a wide variety of countertops being sold in the market. If you want a durable choice and one that is resistant to stains, then go for countertops made of quartz rather than granite. They are available in different colors such as beige, rose, and even plain black. If you do not favor quartz countertops, then you can always go for one that is made of granite. Each granite countertop is unique because they come with different stone whirls and patterns that are different from one another. If you think that you granite countertop is no longer shiny, then you need not be worried as you can just wipe them with warm water to get their shine and cleanliness back. Though the prices of granite countertops are quite high, they are very low maintenance and durable that you need not have them replaced anymore.

Amplify your bathroom lighting

A lot of people think that leaving their bathroom bulbs bare is enough. Nevertheless, their basic function should not be left as is. A lot of people have realized that this should not always be the way. Getting your bathroom a new lampshade is actually capable of making it look better. Getting lampshades made of glass is a good start. They do not get ruined by steam. In addition, their dirt is easily wiped down so you need not be worried about them being dirty compared with fabric lampshades. Never assume that all glass lampshades are plain looking. You should bear in mind, nonetheless, that they come in a wide range of designs with the likes of minimalistic black and white, nautical designs, and power and bold colors. A different bathroom atmosphere is created if you get a good lampshade. You can manipulate their lighting levels so that you can let your bathroom countertop stand out even more.

If you want your bathroom to look luxurious, then you can go for a chandelier style lampshade. They are just inexpensive but are still capable of looking opulent.