Taking Care of What I Already Have is My New Plan

I had such big ideas for moving to a new place, but my husband helped me to come down to earth when he pointed out that our finances are not the best. He explained that we really need to help fix the things we have and making do, rather than running off with wild ideas to spend more on a home. He is right. So, I devised a plan to buy low-cost orange county shutters and other things that many people use to help make their existing home look great.

I have always loved the way shutters look, especially the wooden ones I see on homes. One of the reasons that I didn’t love the house we are now living in is because I never took the initiative to make it look better. Instead, over the years, it just looked older and older to me. That is my fault, and I am glad my hubby pointed it out to me. So, I headed to a variety of stores to find out what was available, and was pleased to find that one store was having a big sale on exactly what I needed. I found what I wanted for a fraction of the price. I then realized that my husband was even more spot on with his idea of staying put.

After I fixed up the windows on the outside of my home, I then spent some time finding some inexpensive curtains. I realized that it would be cheaper for me to sew my own and save a lot of money. I bought some fabric with a beautiful floral print, and I spent a weekend making all the curtains I needed for every window in the house. Now, when I stand outside and look at the windows on the house, they look fantastic and they make me happy, too.