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How to Build a Sustainable Water Fountain for Your Garden

A water fountain can add a wonderful touch to your garden. It creates a focal point, can be a spectacular hardscape and heightens the sense of calmness. Water fountains in Sydney are great ways to accentuate your garden decoration, whether you have a big or small garden, you can always introduce a decent fountain in the landscape. Moreover, you can water freshwater aquatic plants in it, or add decorative rocks in Melbourne, or even install a customised statue.

Creating your Outdoor Garden Water Fountain:


  • Planning for the installation is an important step. Consider the area where you want to install your fountain. It is important to create a symmetry how you can create a semblance in the landscape. The size of your garden will determine how large you want to build your fountain.
  • Installing a heavy fountain could be a tough task, especially if you plan to move it your deck, or in the rooftop garden. Plan the weight of your fountain and bear in mind the capacity of the surface to hold weight of the fountain.
  • Figure it out how to install power filter into the fountain and power it. Solar power filters are quite useful in garden area but these are expensive and demand sunny days to work efficiently. You can build an electric wire system from your house to the garden.
  • Purchase a fountain with overflow mechanism because in the rainy season it is probable that your fountain could overflow and your plants and fish could spill out. The overflow mechanism will take the extra water automatically.


Creating the Fountain

  • Based on the size of your fountain, you should choose your pump. Consider the gallon of water a pump can move and how much power it will require to push the water to the top. Also, buy extra tubes for extended installation.
  • There are different types of water features in Brisbane, so you can purchase your fountain according to your garden landscape and the size of the area. Generally, frost-proof ceramic vessels are common choice for garden fountains. Alternatively, you can make a small pond, install a ceramic basin into it.
  • You need to be very careful about your water. You can just pour tap water into it, especially if you are planning to inhabit fish and live creatures in it. Leave some tap water for at least 48 hours and use water conditioning into it.
  • Always install the pump at a surface where it can’t be displaced by heavy water flow. You can hide the pump mechanism by disguising with pebbles and river rocks.
  • After filling the fountain, switch the pump and adjust the water flow. Check the level of water during summers.
  • Generally fountains have gold fish or carp. You can also put pond wishes if you wish. Don’t overstuff it with fishes.


  • Remember to feed your fish low but quality food. Cheap and overstuff food granules will aggravate algae bloom.
  • It is better to put some aquatic plants for better oxygen and hiding places for fish.
  • Children should be supervised while playing around the fountain.