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What You Should Know about Solar Panels for Your Home The rising costs of utility energy and the likelihood of frequent power outages have made solar power a viable and affordable option for businesses and individuals alike. Renewable energy is increasingly becoming popular in New Jersey and other parts of the country. A great number of people are installing solar and wind power systems in their homes. Solar energy is the most convenient and environmentally-friendly alternative source of electricity. Among all renewable energy sources, the energy from the sun is abundant.It is accessible as long as there is the sun and unlike other kinds of energy, the likelihood of running out of this energy is quite low.Best of all, solar energy can be used in any place around the world, if it is harnessed correctly. Although solar energy is very beneficial, the initial cost of buying a solar system can be extremely high. In the recent past, New Jersey has been on the forefront promoting the use of solar energy in both homes and businesses. The local, state, and federal governments have plans in place to help offset costs and encourage the use of solar energy. It does this by providing incentives and tax rebates. Solar panel incentives can reduce the cost of a solar panel system significantly. They often make solar energy less expensive than power from the utility company.
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The federal government allows a 30 percent tax credit on your solar system cost through an investment tax credit. Both residential and commercial customers can benefit from this tax credit and it applies to different types of solar technology such as photovoltaic, concentrating solar technology, and solar heating and cooling.
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Additionally, the Clean Energy Program in NJ offers financial incentives for homeowners to enable them to save money, energy, and environment. The program provides the Residential New Construction Program that offers several financial incentives to homes that meet specific standards. Both single and multi-family properties may be eligible for this program. Other solar incentives include Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates Program. Government incentives along with solid solar technology create an excellent environment for homeowners to change their energy habits while saving money. A trusted company will offer customized solar energy solutions to suit the individual needs of each homeowner. Be sure to align yourself with a local solar company with considerable experience in the solar system design concept. Such a company will know how to predict energy production accurately and with the assistance of a team of capable solar design professionals, it is obvious that they will bring the most value to your solar project. Searching for different solar panel incentives and rebate programs on your own can be a daunting task. A good solar company will help you determine all the qualifying solar energy tax credit and rebate programs and assist you in filing the required paperwork.